Friends we've met along the way ...."

Phil and John's wedding December 2012

MJohn, Caryl and Phil.

John, Caryl and Phil waiting for dinner in PA

Eddie and John waiting for dinner in PA

Tim, Caryl and John

A trip down to the CCCGNY, and a weekend of good wins, we were awarded with this lovely new logo by unknown friends.

The CCCGNY Specialty 2007!

The Gang at Westminster 2007!

Amy & Caryl talking strategy!

Phil, Caryl & John!
London, England, March 2005

Caryl & Phil - New York Specialty 2005
London, England, March 2005


John, Carol Shedlin, Pat Deutch, Pat's daughter, Barbara, Caryl and Phil

Eddie and Caryl!

Carrie Voorhees and Caryl

Friends and Chow Chows

Simba & Chawncey at the 2004 Nationals!

Phil, John & Eddie in Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Paulo, Caryl & Tim - National 2006, Olympia

Giving a wolf a hug up in Alaska!

Hey Mom - thanks for coming to see me, I know it's cold!!

John, Phil and Odalys

Amy snuggles Ivory!

Amy snuggles Rosie!

Rosie snuggles up to John!

John, Caryl, Dale, Tim and Phil!

100 Year Anniversary National Specialty AOM winners! Michael Heldt, Linda Eyster, Caryl Myers (1st AOM)